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This Jordan 6 Retro is known for being used by Michael Jordan himself throughout the ‘91-’92 season, its vibrant look making it an eye-catching design. It has been constructed atop a rubber outsole with both opaque and translucent sections, the former white, the latter tinted blue. Each of the individual pieces has been formed into a distinctive shape with jagged edges that create intriguing geometric images across the bottom of the shoe. Meanwhile, circles of varying sizes have been imprinted below the forefoot and heel to provide traction, and a large Jumpman in a rich shade of red known as Carmine stands out powerfully in its center.

Elements of translucence remain in the midsole, most notably around the visible window in the heel but also each side of the forefoot. A pocket of Air can be viewed through this heel window, the innovative cushioning technology providing maximum comfort underfoot. The rest of the midsole features a blend of white and black polyurethane, once again forging interesting shapes throughout, though this time with more rounded edges.

Above this, the upper exhibits a dynamic variation in tone between its two main sections: the Carmine underlayer and the white overlays. Both made using high-quality nubuck, the former appears around the toe and flanks, while the latter encases the entire heel, before a further white overlay reaches down the sidewalls in two large arcs. In the gaps left by these curves, a collection of perforations can be seen in the underlayer, with larger ones also visible in the cone-shaped lumps covering the ankles. As well as adding protection around these parts of the foot, they deliver breathability via the aeration holes set into them and either side of them.

Over the top of the foot, yet more aeration holes have been pressed into the white part of the tongue, which has laces tying up over it in the same bright tone. A Carmine lace shroud with a black Jumpman woven through it guards the top part of the laces, and a toggle sits at the very top to secure them in place. This last feature is also Carmine in tone, with another black Jumpman printed onto it. Just behind it, the upper part of the tongue appears in black, its surface marked by two large, square-shaped holes below embossed Air Jordan text. Internally, the shoe is almost entirely black, except for another Jumpman silhouette, this time printed in white upon the insole.

The sneaker’s inner lining then spills out a little over the topline to create a small black tab at the top of the heel. Arcing above it is a black pull tab with a Carmine band embossed across it. The center of the white heel overlay below this is adorned with the last of the shoe’s Jumpman logos, this one rendered in bright red embroidery. Underneath it is the word “Air” in the same Carmine-colored thread, thus capping off this striking Air Jordan 6 with a final bold contrast.

  • Gender Men
  • Brand Jordan
  • Collection 6
  • Stylecode 384664-160

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